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by Darrell Little









by Darrell Little in Toronto, Canada

family together again

Hi, I have been trying my hardest to do the best I can for my daughter since her mom kicked her out at 12 and sent her to live with me. We have been through many trials and tribulations in the past 8 years, both my daughter and myself. You see her the reason her mom kicked her out was because my daughter told her that she was gay, her mom being an extreme homophobe and very closed minded called me that day and told me to come get her. Which I did gladly, I have always been 100% accepting and understanding of my child's feelings and I must say it has been very eye opening and educational. You see as it turns out my child was not only gay, but she is now transgender. "He" has been on testosterone for over a year now, and has just been approved for top surgery (he is 20 now btw). He has struggled with many different problems, including (drugs & alcohol addiction) doesn't use drugs anymore, but does still drinks sometimes. Severe depression & anxiety, suicide attempts, and some health issues as well. Regardless of all of this he is a great kid and trying very hard to find his place in this world, I am always supportive and do my best to be a good role model, I am never judgemental actually quite the opposite, what I have learned about this world of self image and confusion could easily fill a novel, and I feel all of the pain he does through his struggles. We have an amazing and loving relationship, and love each other unconditionally, but so often it feels like just us against the world, and the world seems to kick our asses more often than not. About a year ago things weren't going well for me, and we decided that I would move back to Ontario to try to get something good started in my life, and also as a chance for him to live with his girlfriend on their own, and give him a chance to leave "the nest" and mature a bit. Well Ontario "did not" work out well at all for me, I am just as far behind as when I left B.C. and he is asking me to come back so we can get a place together and be around each other again, things aren't working out for him and his girlfriend either... Ugh life! I have to get back there, obvious;y my work as a dad is definitely not done yet and that's just fine by me I miss him more than anyone can imagine!! I have been saving all I can, but there are a lot of expenses in moving across country and starting from scratch again. Some help from an angel(s) would be so very very appreciated. I know that my child has a universe of potential inside of him, and all I want is to be there for him to help nurture it and help him find his path in this cruel and intolerant world. So I will thank you in advance for any support. I hope you are out there?

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