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Peace of mind for my 80 yo grandmother


by Tammy








Peace of mind for my 80 yo grandmother

by Tammy in Hyattsville,


Our Story

Hello everyone,

My grandmother is about to turn 80 and I am trying to give her a really nice birthday present.  While a card and gift would be nice, I try to give presents that people need. This debt comes from a vehicle she had that she stopped driving after her stroke.

I came back home to help out with her health, bills and other things that needed to be done. While I kept things together for a little while, dealing with my own car and work and personal business, it just fell through the cracks.  It sat on the street and tickets gathered from that.  The insurance lapsed and they penalized for that.  After a while, it was towed and ticketed again.  And now notices that have doubled tickets are out of control.  

The Impact

In addition to monthly bills, there\'s now a lot of people she owes.  And she worries about her name being messed up.  I tell her that I am handling it so she doesn\'t worry. But she only has Social Security Income and there\'s nothing leftover after bills are paid.  I\'ve paid what I could, but I have debt of my own I am trying to pay down.

I have only managed to take care of 1 ticket before it doubled and 1 that doubled once. That and the balance from the tow company. I\'ve had to lie about the others but I don\'t always get the notices in time.  And when I check the balances online, the tickets are still doubling. How do they expect people to pay when they keep increasing the charges? 

What We Need & What You Get

Minimum $375 to pay the tickets in full and stop them from doubling would be a tremendous help. Then, it would be a little easier to pay down $374 for insurance. Since she doesn\'t have to worry about the insurance anymore, that won\'t be increasing.

After the 2 tickets I paid so far, there\'s still...

$50 ticket
$75 ticket that has tripled
$100 ticket that has doubled
$150 ticket with the tow we didn\'t know about
$374 insurance lapse for 2 months

$350 towing & storage (I put this on my credit card and am working on paying this down, but any extra would certainly go towards this.)

Other Ways To Help

It would be really nice if I can tell her that at least half of this is taken care of. It would be super if I can tell her all of it has been taken care of.  Whatever you can help with, would be of course, greatly appreciated.  

Thank you very much for even considering helping my family in our time of need.

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