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Need help pay my storage


by Virginia Ortiz








Need help pay my storage

by Virginia Ortiz in north Hollywood, United States

it's all my everyday living inside

 Hello everyone, I really need help to pay for my storage I'm two months behind($490.00) I was moving out u-haul rented with half my home in the truck, when the new apartment landlord changed their minds they thought it would be best not to rent to us because of me being afraid of their 3 huge out door dogs. It's a house with built on with apartment's. So we started looking around had to be out within three days, 2 days later our son (27yr)(fighting cancer since 2013) went back into the hospital with his Cancer spending throughout his body. After talking to his doctors telling us he has a tumor in his brain and he mite not live with surgery, we decided to put our stuff in storage, rent a motel, to be with our son we've been in a motel since January this year, it's been so hard to pay for the motel, bus fare to and from to be with my son plus my storage...I don't want to lose everything I own, it's everything...I was packing to move in my new place not knowing I'm going to a motel we didn't have time to get extra clothing, shoes, personal  items our everyday living is in this storage.. please I need help I don't know of any other place or agency that could help... praying that by the following month I will be okay...I am deeply sorry to ask but I really don't know what else to do or ask... It will be deeply appreciated. Thank you so much. Virginia

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