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I need your help, please!


by JK Cross








I need your help, please!

by JK Cross in ,

Family in distress

Thank you for taking the time to read this request. My family is in dire need of assistance. We lost our home in December. We had great difficulty finding a home to rent because of the foreclosure and no one wanted to rent to us, but finally did locate an older home that is perfect for us. I live with my sister, niece, and adult mentally handicapped son. I am unable to work because of having Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Panic Disorder, IBS, Arthritis and Sciatica. The most problematic for being employed though, is my Myoclonus. It affects my whole body, making my arms jerk wildly. It also affects my jaw muscles to the extent that at times I cannot speak. I am only trained for call centers so you see how this would affect my being able to work. My sister is also unable to work due to severe Diabetic Neuropathy. My niece is desperately looking for a job but has had no luck so far. She also has several health issues and can only work in a sitting down job.

We literally have no place to go if my niece does not find work ASAP. We do not even have any way to move our things out of the house let alone anywhere to put them. We used all my niece's savings moving to this house. This is desperation talking.

Honestly I have no idea how much to ask for. I have never begged for anything in my life. Would $1 be something you would consider? Our immediate concern is keeping our home. Any donation would make a huge difference. Please help us to not be thrown out into the street.

If you would be able to just give my niece a job, this would help us immensely. We live in the Bentonville, AR area. She has 10+ years experience in telecommunications and project managing of stores.

Thank you again.

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