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Help me please!


by Anna AWD








Help me please!

by Anna AWD in Mykolaiv, Ukraine

Help me please!

YouTube channel Nastenka TV
Hello! My name is Anna and my daughter Anastasia. Our channel on Youtube brings joy to my daughter and the viewers of our channel.
But for its further development, we need its promotion, which is worth a lot of money .. Which, unfortunately, we have not yet.
Support, please, in the undertakings of my daughter Nastenka

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Anna AWD

posted: 2017-05-25 18:03:25

Good afternoon!
I want to talk about the situation that has developed in my life.
My name is Anna, I'm 31 years old. I live in Ukraine, in the city of Nikolaev.
I have a little daughter Anastasia, she is 6 years old.
My husband left us when my daughter was melenka (10 months).
In order to give everything I need to my daughter, I worked very hard and at the same time I studied at the university.
But a year ago I fell ill and needed urgent surgery.
I 15 years ago went in for sports and injured my spine during training.
But for many years the situation has escalated so that I could not lie, sit, and even more so get out of bed.
Therefore, I had to do an operation to restore the spine, the growth of cartilaginous tissue between the vertebral discs (vertebrorevitology).
Because of the long stay in the hospital, and then after the operational period, I lost my job (I was fired).
At the moment I can not work because health does not allow. Very long process of restoration.
The state allowance for a child and social assistance for incapacity in our country is so small that my daughter and I only have enough for meager food and medicine. 100 dollars a month.
I am very depressed by my condition and the fact that my plans were broken.
I always gave my daughter all the best, and now I can give only soup and pasta ...
But the worst is different. We can be evicted simply on the street ...
When I needed a large amount of money for an operation, no one from my friends could help me, and I have no native people except my daughter. My dad died 10 years ago, and I was left all alone.
And I took a loan from the bank on bail of my apartment.
Because of the situation in the country, we have interest rates and exchange rates growing very much.
Collectors of the bank call and come. Threaten me and the child.
But I can not do anything. Money is sorely lacking in the most basic, but I can not pay now for the loan.
The situation can be resolved only when I can work normally, that is, when I recover normally.
I know that I will overcome all difficulties, but I'm very much afraid for my daughter. I'm afraid something might happen to her.
Please, if you have the opportunity, or you will find it necessary to help us with the daughter to overcome not a simple way in life - we will be very grateful to you and are grateful. In debt to you we will not stay!
I am ready to accept all your conditions!

Regards, Anna

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