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Help me 2 help you


by Roelof Fouchee








Help me 2 help you

by Roelof Fouchee in Vereeniging, South Africa

Help me 2 help you

Our Story

Hi there

My name is Roelof Fouchee and I live in South Africa . I'm 36 yo and have three beautiful children. I'm currently struggling to keep my head above water and need help to provide a better future for my family. My family hasn't been on a vacation for the past eight years and it is really affecting us in a bad way. I'm not asking for donations to take a vacation ...I'm asking a once off donation to start an investment that can change our lives for the better.  

The Impact

By helping me and my family I will also help others in need. If I can get the funds that I need I can also change the lives of other people. The money will be invested in a company that can literally change a persons life. I'm sharing this info with everybody because I think everybody deserves a better future for them and their families.  Please have a look at this company and what they can do for you ! I only ask one thing though if you decide to join them...please tell them I referred you to them. I get a monthly payment for referring people to them. These guys are totally legit .  Go have a look on the reviews and facebook page. The companies name is : The chaotic company.

What We Need & What You Get

Guys I need $2000 dollars for my investment. If i invest this money at The chaotic company I can receive a return of $17850 in three months. And after the third month a return of $17550 every month . I know you think this is a scam but it's not. Please check it out for yourselves


RC Fouchee.

Other Ways To Help

(It's great when people can donate. But just because somebody can't donate doesn't mean they can't help you by helping to spread the word. Ask everybody to tell their friends about your campaign. Remind them about the share tools too!)

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