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God will bless you in return!


by Desean Weems








God will bless you in return!

by Desean Weems in Hilliard, United States

Family needs help


I am in need of a miracle and Im praying you may find it in your heart to help me.Im going to do my best to make a long story short.My husband had previously been our bread winner,while I was able to stay at home with our kids.We were never comfortable with someone else raising and caring for our children,therefore,we knew that this sacrifice would eventually pay off.He was involved in a serious injury at work and has not been able to return.He can barely walk and has been in and out of the hospital with no sensible diagnosis.Meanwhile,I've been able to secure a job,thank God,but I don't get paid for another few weeks.The rent has not been able to be paid and we need $1300 so we don't get evicted.I have asked my father for money in the past and he has helped us on numerous occasions,but I don't want to go that route anymore.We have four children and have absolutely no other support with no where else to go.I really don't want to take my children to the local shelter as it's not very safe.We have been issued a three day notice to vacate the premises.If you help us,we know God will bless you for helping His children.Please..if you can,be the vessel our miracle comes through.Thank you very much in advance for looking and being so kind.

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