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Emergency Help Needed


by Sandeep B








Emergency Help Needed

by Sandeep B in Bangalore, India

suicidal conditions here

My Story

Hi, I am Sandeep from India. You can call me Sandy. Though I am in a financial mess now, I have invested huge time and money in creating one ebook on Mathematics that helps anyone to calculate really fast, mentally. This ebook is available on Amazon - Math made easy e-book titled "Super Fast Math" -"  - - - but that's not selling as expected. I am able to make only between 1 to 5 USDs a month from that book. Perhaps I am not good at marketing online. I need to learn the art of online marketing.

I have also spent time and money in creating this VIDEO course on the same MATH MADE EASY principles here: (But not a single Dollar revenue generated so far, even after offering 1 course for FREE and the other for US$6.00 only):

The Impact

If my funding requirement is realized, it will not only help me come out of the present crisis but also I can see the smile back on my wife's face (happily married since 2000). I can again rise and fight back in this world.

What We Need & What You Get

I need immediate help of about US$1000 to pay off the following: (I am presently unemployed) 

a) 4 months house rent - I stay in a small 2 room house for which the monthly rent is approx US$ 95.50 - Now its due since 4 months. 

b) I need to pay back a hand-loan of Rupees 25,000/- (approximately USD 398.00) borrowed from a friend. He stands at my doorstep to recover his money every alternate day. This is very embarrassing.

c) And to sustain life for some more time before I can start earning from my regular CHESS coaching sessions in schools that pays me only for 8 months in a calendar year,

YOUR BENEFITS: Why don't you join my 1st Math Made Easy Video Course for FREE! 

Other Ways To Help

You can choose to help me by telling/sharing about this amazing ebook on Amazon:

You can also share with your friends / family about this online video course:

Thanks all for your help!


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