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by Stella Kalfas









by Stella Kalfas in Chicago, USA

Help MHAGC end suicides

Our Story

Jesse, not his real name, changed his plans to self-harm after one day in our program. In that single session, our program leads reached eight students in crisis while saving one life, Jesse’s.

"It was a nightmare of blackness and despair that would not end. My body and my feelings were so worn out I didn’t know where to turn. Many days I just wanted to die. It seemed the only way through. I didn’t fit in and no one understood. Someone asked me if someone had died in my family. At first I didn’t get it. No one had died. But now I know there was a death. In a very real way, I had died. My intelligence, talents, potential, dignity, self-worth, hope of falling in love... all destroyed by the disease in my head. Finally, someone reached me. They didn’t assume it was ‘normal Jesse’ or that I could just get myself over it. They gave me the knowledge and support to begin to heal the really very wrong feelings. They showed me I was ill and I could get better. Thanks to MHAGC I am moving towards life again."

The Impact

We help save lives through mental health education and support. We know we save lives every time we provide our sessions or talk to someone on the phone who calls because they do not know where to turn for help.

Donate and become a part in making a difference and saving lives.

What We Need & What You Get

We are looking to raise 50,000 so that we may hire the individuals needed to meet our goals.  One individual who will be hired will enter the service providers on our online database so that it is accurate, timely and will include all of Illinois and surrounding states. Our goal is to enhance our database to include mental health service providers in all states.  The mental health services database manager contacts each service provider to ensure that the information needed is accurate and clear.  We document the services, the payment methods and more, so that when a search is done it is accurate and helpful.  We know that this alone will save lives when individuals reach out for help.

Other Ways To Help

Please tell your friends to support us and help.  Get the word out that we have a campaign going and that we are here to help if they need it. 

Why: Interviews of suicide survivors consistently show the claim that if someone had reached out to them to let them know they were meaningful somehow, that something is going on and where they could find help - they may have not attempted to take their own life.

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