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About DonatePages was created to help anyone fundraise and collect donations for any project, charity, cause or individual needs.. Our community is filled with people that have great ideas. Making those ideas a reality is not always easy. The main reasons why ideas never come to fruition is lack of funding and exposure. helps you create a fundraising campaign for your idea or project fast and helps you getting the word out to the community what you are working to accomplish.


It is a free to start a fundraising campaign on We do however charge a small fee on every donation that is made. The fee is between 5% and 8% and is dependent on the sort of campaign you decide to run.

Campaign Types

Standard Campaigns
When you just want to raise as much money as possible your best option is to run a Standard Campaign. The fee for a standard campaign is 8% per donation. You will start receiving your donations right away. The maximum duration of a Standard Campaign is 180 days. Keep in mind that if you don't reach your goal you still have an obligation to make good on any rewards that you have promised to your funders.

All-or-Nothing Campaigns
If your idea or project needs a minimum amount of money to become feasible it is best to launch an All-Or-Nothing Campaign. If you don't reach your goal all donations will be fully refunded. If you do reach your goal the day after your campaign has ended you will receive all donations minus a 5% site fee. All-or-Nothing campaigns can run no longer than 85 days.