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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a collaborative way to find funding a simple and free fundraising website that helps connect people who care to those in need. We allow you to share your cause with friends, family, or the world to help raise money for someone or something when it’s needed the most. Be it an event, new technology, having a dream honeymoon, ... the possibilities are endless.

DonatePages provides an easy online platform for anyone who wants to raise more money, from more people, faster than otherwise possible. With DonatePages you can turn your passion for starting a small business into a funding campaign, promote your idea, engage a fan base, and get your personal needs funded. We provide all the tools you need to build a campaign and share it with the world.

How does work?

Anyone can create and easy fundraising page, where you tell your story, set a funding goal, and offer rewards to contributors. You can use to create your campaign, share it with your network, engage fans, track information about contributors, and collect money. provides excellent customer service for creating your campaigns and collecting money. We also promote campaigns through social media and press outreach, as well as on our homepage, in our newsletters, and on our blog.

Why does exist?

We started to propel crowdfunding and fundraising pages forward. We know there are a lot of people with great ideas, worthy causes, and individual needs. Now anyone with a great idea has the opportunity to share his or her campaign and raise money to turn those ideas into reality.

Who can use is open for anyone to use, with any type of help fund projects, causes, and individual needs.

Can campaigns use for equity investments?

No. All campaigns on are contribution based.

Does it cost anything to create a campaign?

It doesn't cost anything to create a campaign. We use a fee-based system based on the type of campaign you are running. Standard campaigns have an 8% fee, but you receive your donations right away. All-or-nothing campaigns have a 5% fee and you receive your donations once you reach your goal.

Can you explain the difference between the two types of campaigns in more detail?

Sure. Depending on your idea it might be important to make sure that you reach your goal or your idea is not feasible. In that case you might want to start an all-or-nothing campaign. If you do not reach your goal you will not receive the donated funds. They will all be refunded to the funders and DonatePages will not charge a fee. Only if you have reached your goal or more and the campaign has ended will you receive the donated funds. All-or-nothing campaigns can not run for longer than 85 days. In other cases you know you will make your idea happen no matter what and you are just looking for help from others. In that case you can run a standard campaign. Any donations will be sent to you right away, minus the 8% fee. If you have not reached your goal you still have the donated funds minus the 8% fee. Standard campaigns can not run longer than 180 days.

Where is located? is based in the United States, but we aim at members all over the world. You can post and fund a campaign from any country as long as you have a valid bank account and are signed up with PayPal.